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Zechs Marquise to perform at Neon Desert Music Festival & Shows with At The Drive In

Zechs Marquise just announced they will be playing with At The Drive In some shows in Texas before heading to Southern California also hitting Las Vegas on the way. In May they will head off to meet up with Maps & Atlases and Sister Crayon for 6 shows and a few of their own headliners to be announced soon. On May 26th they will play The Neon Desert Festival along side Rodriguez Lopez Productions label mates Le Butcherettes and Eureka The Butcher & Sadah Luna in Downtown El Paso, TX.

4/09  Austin, TX @ Red 7 with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/10  Dallas, TX @ Trees with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/12  Marfa, TX @ The Capri with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/13  El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/15  Las Vegas, NV @ Layla’s Garden
4/16  Fullerton, CA @ Commonwealth Lounge
4/18  Hollywood, CA @ Harvard & Stone
4/19  Palm Springs, CA @ Desert Days Moon Block Party

5/14  Columbus, OH @ The Basement
5/15  Akron, OH @ Musica
5/16  Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
5/17  Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
5/18  TBA on 4/22

5/26  El Paso, TX @ Neon Desert Music Festival

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced soon. Follow @zechsband for news.
And check HERE for all show details and updates

Zechs Marquise Live ” Mega Slap”

Zechs Marquise playing Mega Slap from their album Getting Paid, while on tour with Steve Choi of RX Bandits filling in for Matt Wilkson on this run. Family style. Thanks to Chuck Crittendon for video taping the show!

Don’t Miss Zechs Marquise on TOUR - April/ May dates HERE

Zechs Marquise Head West for Shows then East for shows with Maps & Atlases

Zechs Marquise
are headed to Southern California in April for 3 shows and hitting Las Vegas on the way out before ending up at the mid week answer to Coachella The Desert Days Moon Block Party. In May they will head off to meet up with Maps & Atlases and Sister Crayon for 6 shows and a few of their own headliners to Be announced soon.

4/15  Las Vegas, NV @ Layla’s Garden
4/16  Fullerton, CA @ Commonwealth Lounge
4/18  Hollywood, CA @ Harvard & Stone
4/19  Palm Springs, CA @ Desert Days Moon Block Party

5/14  Columbus, OH @ The Basement
5/15  Akron, OH @ Musica
5/16  Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
5/17  Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
5/18  TBA on 4/22

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced soon. Follow @zechsband for news.
And check HERE for all show details and updates

Zechs Marquise to perform at Desert Daze Festival

See Zechs Marquise perform in-between Coachella weekends at the Moon Block Party Desert Daze Festival April 12 - April 22, 2012 @ Dillon Roadhouse in Desert Hot Springs, CA. 


The festival grounds will include:

- Outdoor stage
- Outdoor Bar
- Indoor Stage
- Indoor Bar 
- Vendor Row (Outside)
- Live Artists (Outside)
- Moon Block & Band Merch Area
- Raffle Area
- Sailor Jerry Air Stream (Thurs April 12 - Sat Apr 14)
- Sailor Jerry Artist/Band/Crew Hospitality Lounge (All 11 days)
- Food Trucks and eating areas
- Handicap parking
- Additional restrooms
- Band Parking behind venue
- Overflow parking behind that (1 acre of land)


Wednesday March 14th
Zechs Marquise - Zorch Party House - Invite

Thursday March 15th
Zechs Marquise - NACO Official SXSW - The Flamingo Cantina @ 10:00pm

Friday March 16th
Zechs Marquise - Terroreyes.TV  Day Party - Music Makers @ 2:00pm
Zechs Marquise - Sargent House/1656 Music Official SXSW - Bat Bar @12:05am
(Eureka The Butcher - Playing between sets all night)

Saturday March 18th
Zechs Marquise  - Goodbye South By/Beauty Bar - Beauty Bar @11:00pm

click here for full Sargent House SXSW schedule

Sargent House & 1656 Music Official SXSW Show- March 16th at Bat Bar

Sargent House and 1656 Music presents our official SXSW show lineup for Friday, March 16th at Bat Bar - 218 E. 6th Street with the following bands. 

Deafheaven - 1:00am 
Zechs Marquise - 12:05am 
Chelsea Wolfe - 11:10pm 
And So I Watch You From Afar - 10:15pm 
Indian Handcrafts - 9:20pm 
Marriages - 8:25pm 
Gypsyblood - 7:30pm 

W/ special guest sets from Eureka The Butcher between bands

Stay tuned, we will be posting FULL band schedules for all their shows soon.

Premier Guitar’s : What Are You Listening To

Zechs Marquise's Getting Paid on the turntables over at Premier Guitar, nice one.

SYFFAL Review: Getting Paid

You ever heard what a bass sounds like when it’s trying to gnaw at your fucking ears?

You ever heard a guitar and keys riff on the same riff at the same fucking time and have the riff turn into this head nodding, neck yanking riff that ends up combining the entire band together on one riff so that when the guitar that was once riffing turns around and just fucking murders a riffy guitar solo that sounds like a cobra raping a Weber grill?



Zechs Marquise have completely dominated my instrumental music cravings with an ethereal desert traipse through the semen soaked sands of my subconscious, and I’m fucking loving it. As progressive and dynamic as an Omar Rodriguez-Lopez album, but with a focused band direction that allows the air drummer in all of us the chance to sit in the pocket and fucking groove.

Every direction you turn with this as the soundtrack turns into a Spaghetti Western where the protagonist is running at something rather than fleeing like a fucking bitch. Getting Paid feels like you’re the one doing the chasing, with intricate but accessible guitar mastery as your snakeskin boots, an insane attack of the synth variety as your custom stitched finger gun holsters, a bass guitar representing the palpitations of your enemy’s heart, and a drum led groove so fucking thick I’d both fear and envy it if I had to shower next to it.

Zechs Marquise, and this fucking master-ass monstrosity of an album titled Getting Paid, is the fucking sober confidence to kick down cacti in musical form. I’ve waited forever to feel comfortable in these fleece chaps, these houndstooth ugg boots, and this woodland camouflage framed pair of wrap around imitation Oakleys.

Thank you Zechs Marquise.

By: Joel Frieders

Live Video: Zechs Marquise @ La Parada 10/7/2011

Some great footage of Zechs Marquise playing live in their home town of El Paso Texas for the vinyl release of Getting Paid.

Eureka the Butcher announces Los Angeles & Austin dates

See Eureka the Butcher & Sadah Luna live if you are in the Los Angeles or Austin areas:

2/20 @ Harvard & Stone - Hollywood, CA w/ Big Sir, Gregory Rogove & Devendra Banhart DJ’ing
2/22 Low End Theory @ The Airliner in Los Angeles

2/24 @ Hotel Vegas in Austin, TX 

and listen/watch him broadcast live on:
2/21 Live Stream on Ham on Everything Radio

and follow him @eurekabutcher

New Tracks From Eureka The Butcher!

Eureka The Butcher aka Marcel Rodriguez Lopez of Zechs Marquise and The Mars Volta has unleashed 4 new tracks of his solo electronic production project.

Check them out below:

Stay tuned for soon to be announced Los Angeles area dates in February!

COS Premiere: Everlasting Beacon Of Light Video

With Omar Rodriguez-Lopez suddenly reforming At The Drive-In, his Mars Volta bandmate/brother Marcel has time to spend with his other project, Zechs Marquise. Based in El Paso, the latter Rodriguez-Lopez plays drums in the instrumental progressive rock band with his other brothers Marfred and Rikardo on bass and keyboards, respectively. Their sophomore album, Getting Paid, dropped late last year from Rodriguez-Lopez Productions (it’s a family thing), and they’ve just delivered a new video for one of the tracks.

We first brought you their single “Everlasting Beacon Of Light” back in August. The track leans towards trip-hop before erupting into typical Rodriguez Brothers insanity, but the video pretty much starts and ends in the insane. In the clip, the name of the song appears to be the name of a smokeable drug. Inhalation of said drug leads to animal-headed people, dusty graveyards, latino gangs, and secret Zechs Marquise shows. Talk about gateway drugs. Check out the exclusive video, directed by The 90s, below.

Nice cameos from Teri of Le Butcherettes and Matthew Embree of RX Bandits

Rock A Rolla Issue #35 Interview with Zechs Marquise’s Marcel Rodriguez Lopez

“Getting Paid was a learning process, just like everything else we’ve gone through. We basically recorded it twice to make it better.”

This issue, The Mars Volta’s Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, drummer in El Paso instrumental outfit Zechs Marquise, fills us in on his band and their latest, sophomore album, Getting Paid.

“We wrote and recorded the songs, and then learned to play them live,” he tells us. “We started touring and used the opportunity to road-test the songs. We kept what we liked, scrapped or changed what we didn’t, and re-recorded the album. In the end, it came out exactly how we wanted it: our version of an early jazz fusion record, a blaxploitation record, a progressive rock record, a hip hop record, a salsa record, an electronic record.”

And he’s not exaggerating either. Getting Paid is all these things, and more – an eclectic set that comes across like a soundtrack to an unreleased ‘70s blaxploitation flick, while landing them in some very different territories to their 2009 debut.

Check out the full interview with Marcel in issue 35, in stores now or available to order HERE

Or you can download the digital edition of the latest issue right now! Visit Pocketmags.co.uk

grisl names Zechs marquise “Getting paid” #1 album of 2011

Here at Grisl we wanted to provide our own version of year end list for your/our enjoyment. They are not all cut from the same mold. Some are music based, some travel based and some whatever was on the writer’s mind. 2011 was an amazing year on multiple levels. So, explore some of the music you may have missed, read some of the cool stories, reminisce on some amazing shows, get pissed you missed some amazing shows and enjoy the lists below. Most of all, lets hope 2012 exceeds 2011! That would make for an exciting year to come.


10. Red Fang – Murder The Mountains [Relapse]
9. Portugal. The Man – In The Mountain In The Cloud [Atlantic] 
8. Modeselektor – Monkeytown [Monkeytown] 
7. And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs [Sargent House]
6. Low – C’mon [Sub Pop] 
5. Amon Tobin – ISAM [Ninja Tune] 
4. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Mirror Traffic [Matador] 
3. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – We’re New Here [XL] 
2. Wagon Christ – Toomorrow [Ninja Tune] 

…and the #1 album of the year is….


Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid [Rodriguez Lopez Productions] *BUY*

Ryan’s Rock Show Best 11 of 2011 - Getting Paid

07. Zechs Marquise 
Getting Paid

(Sargent House/Rodriguez Lopez)

Out of all the instrumental bands that released albums this year, Zechs Marquise is our favorite. We watched them tear strippers a new hole at a gentleman’s club in L.A. months back, and have had Getting Paid blaring through our gramophone ever since. Simply put, Zechs Marquise is “Crushin’ It!.”