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LA Times Featured Show Pick TONIGHT at Low End Theory 9.28.11

Zechs Marquise banks on a new sound for sophomore album "Getting Paid"

Thrusting listeners into chase scenes through psychedelic dreamscapes is nothing new for El Paso prog rock instrumentalists Zechs Marquise. However, the major difference on their latest album, “Getting Paid” (out Tuesday on Rodriguez Lopez Productions via Sargent House), isn’t the fear of being chased, but of what’s running up behind you.  

Through the incorporation of boom bap beats and sci-fi funk, the images of creepy, red-eyed specters haunting their first album, “Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare,” have been replaced by ’70s mobsters, Kung Fu assassins and gun-toting Willie Dynamite lookalikes.

And while it’s not hard to see where Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez and his brothers Marcel and Rikardo garner much of their influence (their older brother is psych rock demigod Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta), “Getting Paid” adds more concise rhythmic formulas into their Latin-spiked jam band roots.

It makes sense when you consider their longtime friendships and cross pollinations in the underground L.A.  beat scene with artists like DJ Nobody, Daedelus and Busdriver. So much so that the news that they’ll be holding their album release party Wednesday as part of the Low End Theory at the Airliner seems like a natural choice.

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