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Zechs Marquise Interview/Show Review - Red 7 Austin, TX

Last summer I had the privilege of seeing Zechs Marquise in their infancy. The show was expansive, proggy, and thought provoking. The crowd was interested, but to say blood and fists were pumping would be a stretch. This past Monday, Zech’s opened for At the Drive In and their new material has lifted their live show to a completely new height. To say it’s simply the new material would be insufficient. The band’s whole energy has found a new plane. Zechs played with a new found confidence that amped the already bristling crowd. Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez (bass) mentioned toward the end of their set that the audience was most likely charged because of the first At the Drive In show in more than a decade, which was minutes away. However, this was a dose of misguided self criticism. Openers for big shows are never guaranteed an electric show, but the crowd got behind Zechs Marquise in a big way.

Most in attendance were not expecting much from a group many viewed to be simply the band with a bunch of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s (The Mars Volta, At the Drive In, etc.) little brothers. Of those around me in the crowd, nearly every person commented on Zechs with delighted surprise. A couple of guys next to me kept saying, “What the fuck! This is amazing!”. Zechs’ jazzy groove-prog hooks grabbed the crowd, and their energy shook them until their legs were convinced that it was, in fact, okay to dance at a prog show.

Zech’s entire persona has evolved. This time last year, Marfred’s show presence was that of a down home musician, happy to be able to play in front of a pumped crowd. This time around, Zechs knows they deserve to kill it. Moreso, Zechs’ live performance was a pleasant, heavy-as-shit, hip-checking, surprise. Getting Paid certainly upped ZM’s game in terms of what they could do with a crowd, but that’s far from the whole story. In every aspect, Zech’s live show has been upped. Marcos and Matt on guitar are exponentially more potent, Marfred’s bass finds a more visceral groove, Marcel on drums allows for breath-stealing rhythmic tricks with mathy precision, and Rikardo’s synth finds a sick pocket to work within. Honestly, they sound like a completely new band. A band that knows they belong at the front of a crowd, being part of a new generation of prog rockers who’ve figured out how to get prog lovers to shake their ass to a bass line.

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Zechs Marquise to perform at Neon Desert Music Festival & Shows with At The Drive In

Zechs Marquise just announced they will be playing with At The Drive In some shows in Texas before heading to Southern California also hitting Las Vegas on the way. In May they will head off to meet up with Maps & Atlases and Sister Crayon for 6 shows and a few of their own headliners to be announced soon. On May 26th they will play The Neon Desert Festival along side Rodriguez Lopez Productions label mates Le Butcherettes and Eureka The Butcher & Sadah Luna in Downtown El Paso, TX.

4/09  Austin, TX @ Red 7 with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/10  Dallas, TX @ Trees with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/12  Marfa, TX @ The Capri with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/13  El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls with At The Drive In - SOLD OUT
4/15  Las Vegas, NV @ Layla’s Garden
4/16  Fullerton, CA @ Commonwealth Lounge
4/18  Hollywood, CA @ Harvard & Stone
4/19  Palm Springs, CA @ Desert Days Moon Block Party

5/14  Columbus, OH @ The Basement
5/15  Akron, OH @ Musica
5/16  Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
5/17  Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
5/18  TBA on 4/22

5/26  El Paso, TX @ Neon Desert Music Festival

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced soon. Follow @zechsband for news.
And check HERE for all show details and updates

Zechs Marquise Head West for Shows then East for shows with Maps & Atlases

Zechs Marquise
are headed to Southern California in April for 3 shows and hitting Las Vegas on the way out before ending up at the mid week answer to Coachella The Desert Days Moon Block Party. In May they will head off to meet up with Maps & Atlases and Sister Crayon for 6 shows and a few of their own headliners to Be announced soon.

4/15  Las Vegas, NV @ Layla’s Garden
4/16  Fullerton, CA @ Commonwealth Lounge
4/18  Hollywood, CA @ Harvard & Stone
4/19  Palm Springs, CA @ Desert Days Moon Block Party

5/14  Columbus, OH @ The Basement
5/15  Akron, OH @ Musica
5/16  Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
5/17  Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
5/18  TBA on 4/22

Stay tuned for more dates to be announced soon. Follow @zechsband for news.
And check HERE for all show details and updates


Wednesday March 14th
Zechs Marquise - Zorch Party House - Invite

Thursday March 15th
Zechs Marquise - NACO Official SXSW - The Flamingo Cantina @ 10:00pm

Friday March 16th
Zechs Marquise - Terroreyes.TV  Day Party - Music Makers @ 2:00pm
Zechs Marquise - Sargent House/1656 Music Official SXSW - Bat Bar @12:05am
(Eureka The Butcher - Playing between sets all night)

Saturday March 18th
Zechs Marquise  - Goodbye South By/Beauty Bar - Beauty Bar @11:00pm

click here for full Sargent House SXSW schedule

SYFFAL Review: Getting Paid

You ever heard what a bass sounds like when it’s trying to gnaw at your fucking ears?

You ever heard a guitar and keys riff on the same riff at the same fucking time and have the riff turn into this head nodding, neck yanking riff that ends up combining the entire band together on one riff so that when the guitar that was once riffing turns around and just fucking murders a riffy guitar solo that sounds like a cobra raping a Weber grill?



Zechs Marquise have completely dominated my instrumental music cravings with an ethereal desert traipse through the semen soaked sands of my subconscious, and I’m fucking loving it. As progressive and dynamic as an Omar Rodriguez-Lopez album, but with a focused band direction that allows the air drummer in all of us the chance to sit in the pocket and fucking groove.

Every direction you turn with this as the soundtrack turns into a Spaghetti Western where the protagonist is running at something rather than fleeing like a fucking bitch. Getting Paid feels like you’re the one doing the chasing, with intricate but accessible guitar mastery as your snakeskin boots, an insane attack of the synth variety as your custom stitched finger gun holsters, a bass guitar representing the palpitations of your enemy’s heart, and a drum led groove so fucking thick I’d both fear and envy it if I had to shower next to it.

Zechs Marquise, and this fucking master-ass monstrosity of an album titled Getting Paid, is the fucking sober confidence to kick down cacti in musical form. I’ve waited forever to feel comfortable in these fleece chaps, these houndstooth ugg boots, and this woodland camouflage framed pair of wrap around imitation Oakleys.

Thank you Zechs Marquise.

By: Joel Frieders

Live Video: Zechs Marquise @ La Parada 10/7/2011

Some great footage of Zechs Marquise playing live in their home town of El Paso Texas for the vinyl release of Getting Paid.

Slug Magazine reviews Getting paid

Zechs Marquise = The Mars Volta + Cougar + RJD2

You will one day—perhaps, in your dreams—see the most badass, most ballingest, stylish, hardcore, potent piece of gangster movie ever sucked through someone’s eyeballs, and then as the credits roll, under “Soundtrack,” you will see the name Zechs Marquise. Though it’s not the warrior from Gundam Wing, but rather a reference to him, the appreciation for the dramatic is the same here, and the swagger is tripled. These guys make lounge rock for tweakers or post-rock for kids who wear trenchcoats. If you’re sufficiently lost in its conceit, you can almost believe it is the hip hop that the name Getting Paid implies, produced by someone with an eye for lush timbre and old-school R&B production—maybe RJD2? The comparison with the Mars Volta is the closest, but instead of freakouts that leave you a little lost, these grooves have an attention span that isn’t so much shorter than yours; plus, you can dance to it. Fierce drums and heavy bass form a rhythm section that allows keys, elaborate guitar escapades, and the occasional haunting vocals to do their psychedelic but ultimately pleasantly hooky thing with abandon. Think 70s funk mixed with future rock and genius-level virtuosity. I’ll be on the lookout for these guys playing live, because with an album name like Getting Paid, you know they have to break a sweat.

–Rio Connelly

Surviving the Golden Age Reviews: “Getting Paid” 8.5/10

Zechs Marquise: Getting Paid
Zechs Marquise must have a great sense of irony to name their new record Getting Paid. I say that because Zech Marquise play instrumental prog-rock, not exactly a cash cow genre. Yet I must admit that their sophomore album is infinitely more accessible than their debut.

The band’s debut album, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare was a difficult piece to be sure. It bounced from soft symphonic music to freak out noise crescendos. Getting Paid is a much more even keel record. It sounds like the band came to the studio ready to party.

The album opens with the titular track. The track borrows influence simultaneously from Edgar Winter‘s “Frankenstein” and the soundtrack to Killer of Sheep. The track is funky and experimental and reminds me a little of RJD2‘s “The Horror.”
A good majority of the album keeps the same general vibe. The songs that delineate are the tracks with guest vocalists. The album features appearances by Matt Embree and Sunnie Baker. These tracks do pale in comparison to their instrumental brethren but do not sully the album.

Considering instrumental prog-rock is not a genre I often get to cover or generally listen to, Getting Paid really caught my attention. The album manages to make a genre that is generally inaccessible feel almost mainstream worthy.
Rating: 8.5/10   / 
by Adam Morgan 

Zechs Marquise Interview: Getting Paid & The Seeming Rise of Instrumental Bands

L-R: Matt Wilkson, Riko Rodriguez-Lopez, Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcos Smith, and Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez

On a warm autumn day in Southern California over cold beer and YouTube videos, the members of Zechs Marquise talk of their recent boating experience.

"It was a day off [during the RX Bandits farewell tour] and we all went to [Shasta Lake],” bassist Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez explains. Drummer Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez (who also handles percussion duties in The Mars Volta) chimes in, “[RX Bandits] rented a boat for us!”

An El Paso instrumental group comprised of three brothers and two childhood friends, Zechs Marquise has been doing much more than plain sailing at sea. This year alone, the band has completed stints alongside Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, as well as the aforementioned RX Bandits farewell trek. In September, the band released its sophomore studio album Getting Paid — a record, the group says, that encompasses the beauty of songwriting.

"We’ve definitely worked a lot more on arranging our music as of recently," guitarist Matt Wilkson comments, adding that the band would play shows in the early days with 20-minute songs. "Not everyone wants to sit through that."

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Al Borde Interviews Marfred and Marcel of Zechs Marquise

Getting Paid is a reinvention of Zech Marquise’s psychedelic-progressive rock groove where Marcel, Rikardo, and Marfred Rodriguez Lopez, brothers to Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez Lopez, introduce a different approach to laying out an album and for the first time ever, crack out some vocals to accompany their riffs and beats.

Here’s their take on the outcome of the album just one day after its release, and a peek into their live performance at L.A.’s The Airliner on September 28th. More Fall 2011 dates can be seen here.

MTV Tr3s Exclusiva: Marfred Rodriguez Lopez Dishes On ‘Getting Paid’

Forget the Van Halens, if you want to know about a true musical dynasty, look no further than the Rodriguez-Lopez’s! In between Omar, Marcel, and Marfred, these talented hermanos are changing the face of free-form jamming. Omar and Marcel’s Mars Volta outfit has won Grammys and made major dents on the Billboard charts. And Marfred’s ensemble, Zechs Marquise, is making big musical strides too, particularly with their new release, Getting Paid.

"We had a ton of fun making Getting Paid,” Marfred told us in an exclusive interview. “We spent a lot of time on the songs and were really happy with the end result.”

Described by critics as an “otherworldly groove album,” Paid features all of the prog rock elements that Volta fans have come to love. Zechs had previously gotten attention for their 2008 debut, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare. Though he was proud of that work, Marfred explained that Nightmare was a much darker record and differs greatly from Getting Paid.

"Our last record was very dark and moody," he explained. "But this one has a lot more light. It’s way more colorful and it has more energy."

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Getting Paid: Full Album Trailer

ZECHS MARQUISE - Getting Paid - out tomorrow! September 27, 2011

(Source: youtube.com)

Getting Paid: An Interview with Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez of Sci-Fi Funk Group Zechs Marquise

(l - r) Marcos Smith, Matthew Wilkson, Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez and Rikardo Rodriguez-Lopez

Imagine a soundtrack for a blaxploitation film starring Shaft in outer space and you’ll have an idea of what Zechs Marquise’s second album, Getting Paid, sounds like. The album is a harder, funkier successor to the group’s full-length debut Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare, which favored ambience and mellow dub.

I spoke with bassist Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez over the phone about the album as well as a number of other topics including why the band is playing at a strip club in Hollywood, bass lines in latin cumbias and west coast hip-hop, Japanese anime, the period of time the band was named Mastodon, and a certain famous sibling.

So you have a few shows coming up next week.

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OUR STAGE: Zechs Marquise “Getting Paid”

Riffs, Rants & Rumors: Zechs Marquise Carries The Mars Volta Torch

It’s hard to believe it all started with a ’90s post-hardcore band. Admittedly, At The Drive-In was one of the weirder exponents of that style, but still, even given the relative eccentricity of the El Paso band’s output, it would have been pretty damn tough to prognosticate what would come in their wake simply by analyzing their discography. Of course, as any halfway-serious follower of either band knows, At The Drive-In gave birth to The Mars Volta around the turn of the century, as ATDI’s singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez defected to follow their own quirky vision.

Soon, Bixler-Zavala and Rodriguez-Lopez were turning heads with their new band, blasting out an in-your-face amalgam of progressive rock, fusion and hard rock that would eventually earn them a GRAMMY and a Gold record. Since then, the tireless Rodriguez-Lopez has also unleashed a whirlwind
of extracurricular projects that would make even Robert Pollard seem unproductive, including a sideline as a ridiculously prolific solo artist. But there’s a Mars Volta offshoot that boasts one MV member and at least two Rodriguez-Lopezes but does not contain Omar. Confused? It’ll all become clear as we dig into the details of the Zechs Marquise story.

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College Times: Zechs Marquise build new sound from the ground up


Zechs Marquise, the progressive jazz-rock band from El Paso with oft-mentioned ties to The Mars Volta via Marcel, Marfred and Rico Rodriguez-Lopez, just finished touring in support of the RX Bandits before prepping for the release of their second full-length studio album [their first LP was live], Getting Paid.

Drummer Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, who is also a percussionist for The Mars Volta, won’t be on the band’s few summer headlining shows and brother and bassist Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez talked to College Times about playing without his older brother and the how the psychedelic sound on their upcoming album (released Sept. 27) is the result of failing at making hip-hop, but a successful attempt to represent the energy of the band’s live shows in a less “slightly depressing” way, as Rodriguez-Lopez put it.

College Times: Where was the band at during the writing of Getting Paid?

Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez: Where exactly did we do the writing?

I meant more of a state of mind rather than a place, but place is fine.

Oh, okay. After we did A Delicate Stranded Nightmare and we started touring the record, we realized it would give the songs a bit more life live through different parts and arrangements and making things heavier and messing with dynamics. So when we started talking about doing a new record, we kind of wanted to bring that energy to put it onto a recording as opposed to just keeping it strictly for the live show. We just wanted something that was a better representation of the way we play our music and just the kind of energy that is in one of our live shows. We wanted to bring that into a recording.

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