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Eureka the Butcher announces Los Angeles & Austin dates

See Eureka the Butcher & Sadah Luna live if you are in the Los Angeles or Austin areas:

2/20 @ Harvard & Stone - Hollywood, CA w/ Big Sir, Gregory Rogove & Devendra Banhart DJ’ing
2/22 Low End Theory @ The Airliner in Los Angeles

2/24 @ Hotel Vegas in Austin, TX 

and listen/watch him broadcast live on:
2/21 Live Stream on Ham on Everything Radio

and follow him @eurekabutcher

New Tracks From Eureka The Butcher!

Eureka The Butcher aka Marcel Rodriguez Lopez of Zechs Marquise and The Mars Volta has unleashed 4 new tracks of his solo electronic production project.

Check them out below:

Stay tuned for soon to be announced Los Angeles area dates in February!

Rock A Rolla Issue #35 Interview with Zechs Marquise’s Marcel Rodriguez Lopez

“Getting Paid was a learning process, just like everything else we’ve gone through. We basically recorded it twice to make it better.”

This issue, The Mars Volta’s Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, drummer in El Paso instrumental outfit Zechs Marquise, fills us in on his band and their latest, sophomore album, Getting Paid.

“We wrote and recorded the songs, and then learned to play them live,” he tells us. “We started touring and used the opportunity to road-test the songs. We kept what we liked, scrapped or changed what we didn’t, and re-recorded the album. In the end, it came out exactly how we wanted it: our version of an early jazz fusion record, a blaxploitation record, a progressive rock record, a hip hop record, a salsa record, an electronic record.”

And he’s not exaggerating either. Getting Paid is all these things, and more – an eclectic set that comes across like a soundtrack to an unreleased ‘70s blaxploitation flick, while landing them in some very different territories to their 2009 debut.

Check out the full interview with Marcel in issue 35, in stores now or available to order HERE

Or you can download the digital edition of the latest issue right now! Visit Pocketmags.co.uk

Al Borde Interviews Marfred and Marcel of Zechs Marquise

Getting Paid is a reinvention of Zech Marquise’s psychedelic-progressive rock groove where Marcel, Rikardo, and Marfred Rodriguez Lopez, brothers to Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez Lopez, introduce a different approach to laying out an album and for the first time ever, crack out some vocals to accompany their riffs and beats.

Here’s their take on the outcome of the album just one day after its release, and a peek into their live performance at L.A.’s The Airliner on September 28th. More Fall 2011 dates can be seen here.

MTV Tr3s Exclusiva: Marfred Rodriguez Lopez Dishes On ‘Getting Paid’

Forget the Van Halens, if you want to know about a true musical dynasty, look no further than the Rodriguez-Lopez’s! In between Omar, Marcel, and Marfred, these talented hermanos are changing the face of free-form jamming. Omar and Marcel’s Mars Volta outfit has won Grammys and made major dents on the Billboard charts. And Marfred’s ensemble, Zechs Marquise, is making big musical strides too, particularly with their new release, Getting Paid.

"We had a ton of fun making Getting Paid,” Marfred told us in an exclusive interview. “We spent a lot of time on the songs and were really happy with the end result.”

Described by critics as an “otherworldly groove album,” Paid features all of the prog rock elements that Volta fans have come to love. Zechs had previously gotten attention for their 2008 debut, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare. Though he was proud of that work, Marfred explained that Nightmare was a much darker record and differs greatly from Getting Paid.

"Our last record was very dark and moody," he explained. "But this one has a lot more light. It’s way more colorful and it has more energy."

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Drum! Magazine Interview: Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez

Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, of  The Mars Volta and Zechs Marquise sits down for an Interview with Drum Magazine about life inside the mighty Volta.

"You would be unlikely to point to Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez as the little brother of Omar, the notoriously ironhanded leader of The Mars Volta. Seven years younger with a mellow drawl punctuated by hip-hop-style damns and surfer-dude fer sures, Marcel is the Texas-bred prog-rock group’s wild card — the guy who does a little of everything in a way that couldn’t be done by just anyone."


Austin Vida Interview : Zechs Marquise

Austin Vida
sat down for a chat with Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez of Zechs Marquise. Check out the full interview HERE below is a clip from the show.